Pendant Lighting Fixtures

Pendant Lighting Fixtures

At Canco, we sell premium designer lighting including pendants, table & desk lamps, floor lamps, wall & ceiling lights and outdoor light,Whether you are looking to style your lounge, kitchen, bath, you can find them in our website.



In the fast grow world, people keep working hard, try to earn more money to have better life, but they stay few times with their Children and Parents, buy machine finished furniture, food, lightings from store, hire professional worker to put them in house, then game is over.

From1960’s, In western world, more and more people they are tried on repeat days to make money by work, why not decorate their home by themselves, it is the origin of DIY LIGHTING.

People buy lighting components from store, like lamp shape, wire, ceiling canopy, use screw,  tape, drilling machine, choose a Sunday, make their own decorative lighting with their Children or Parent, enjoy DIY their own lighting, after install, the whole family full of achievement, everyone take part in this products, that is real life we need to enjoy.

Do it yourself, means change your life with brave, it is not only a sentence, but also life attitude, let’s enjoy DIY lighting together.

Canco Lighting strongly recommend DIY lighting components, we can supply these items for you to DIY your home:

1.      OEM ceiling canopy

2.      Braided Wire

3.      OEM lamp shape

4.      Lamp Holder

5.      Lighting components like core grip, led bulbs

6.      Good packages

7.      Detailed instruction to show how to assemble

Welcome to contact us for more DIY Lighting Ideas, click, let’s DIY our life together!

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